Test Driven Development


UnitTesting and AutomatedTesting will be included in the DeveloppementProcess as early as possible, that is when the KernelLoader and later the MicroKernel and other subsequent modules developpement will start.

TestSuites will be developped for each module, and if necessary - which I see as mandatory in fact - for each routine in each module.

Test messages should have a standard format, indicating which TestSuite they belong to, which test is run, which results were expected, obtained, etc and 'ok' if the test is successful, 'ko' otherwise.

eg: BootSector:AX value:expected 1000 obtained 2000:ko

This would allow a simple grep to extract some subsets of an AutomatedTesting session log.

unit tests and testsuites

Red/Yellow/Green bar

A tool will be developped to list the unit tests which failed during their last execution, and some statistics like:

The job of this tool is to

1 grep ^UT from the make log file

2 compute RG tests count and ratios

3 compute RYG test suites count and ratios

Note for later

UnitTesting has border effects onto the code being tested. These effects must be forseen when possible, and taken into account while building the TestSuites

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